Definition of Foreignary
[ Fawr-uh-ner-ee ]

1. Foreign-Visionary
2. Someone who resides away from their ancestral roots
3. A person who moved away from their homeland to escape a perilous situation or pursue greater opportunities



Foreignary starts first with the story of all of us who have endured the sacrifice it takes going to a foreign land as a result of hardship. Whatever the case may be, most of us, at some point of our family lineage, have had the one or few family members that had a vision of a better life and took the leap of faith; risking their lives, leaving all that they knew, to be what we call a Foreignary (Foreign Visionary). They made the executive decision to get uncomfortable and to do whatever it took to turn their visions into something bigger than themselves. We all have a purpose here on earth, but with that purpose, we must also find our reason. We all are or were once Foreigners and we are all one race, the human race.


Our objective is to bring awareness to and honor these Foreignaries who took the leap of faith in search of a better life for themselves and those around them. Whether you moved to a new place yesterday, or your ancestors moved to the United States on the Mayflower, we see Foreignary in your DNA.


Foreignary was founded by three children of immigrants who witnessed first hand the sacrifices those around them made in order to give them better lives. We have achieved success because of the communities and people around us that have invested their time in our development. We seek to replicate this by creating an environment that provides Foreignaries with a platform to express themselves and honor those around them.